a game inside a frame

By strazz

October 31, 2009

Category: Sports


When I returned to the United Center court Thursday night after sending my images from the 1st half, all the baseline photo positions were being taken up by other photographers and the LuvaBulls cheerleaders.

I wanted to shoot on the Bulls’ defensive end so that I could get them celebrating towards me if they made a last second shot to win the game.

The entire sideline was empty so I sat down about 10 feet down from the baseline.

I quickly realized that the San Antonio Spurs offensive scheme placed a player directly in front of my position.

I have always liked shooting images that have a frame inside a frame so I placed my wide angle on the ground and shot through the legs of the Spurs’ player.

Here is one of several frames where everything came together fairly well.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune

5 Responses to “a game inside a frame”

  1. Amazing shot, Scott!

  2. Nice image Scott. I thought NBA photo positions were assigned spots? Do you usually shoot the Bulls with 2 zooms? Just curious.

    • Tom, since Michael Jordan left, the Bulls only have assigned spots during the playoffs.
      As for lens choices, I go back and forth between using two zooms and using a 70-200 and a 300. Depends on my mood.

  3. What an inviting frame. Very cool.

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