Reverend Pat

On Sundays, Patricia Jefferson serves as associate minister at Reverend Floyd B. Smiley’s Direct Thy Path M.B. Church on South Lawndale Avenue on Chicago’s West side.

I love attending storefront churches.

If you want to hear Patricia preach click HERE for a short video of Patricia and another thankful woman from a related story (shot by Trib staffer Dave Pierini). I apologize that Patricia is out of focus in her interview but I am still getting used to the 5D.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


2 Responses to “Reverend Pat”

  1. great work as always! i’m curious, though – at the end of the video it had a producers name – how much input do you have in the production? can you talk about that process and your feelings on what you like and dislike about it? thanks for your inspiring work. happy thanksgiving.

    • Geoffrey, thanks for the comments.
      At the Chicago Tribune, I have as much input into the video as I want to have. For the Patricia video, I had a short conversation with our video producer Peggy and then I let her do her thing.
      Earlier this year, I did a project on a Michael Jackson impersonator. I gave a lot more input on that one but still let Peggy do pretty much what she thought was right.
      At this point in my career, I am all about the stills. If I ever get to the point that video intrigued me more, I would want to produce my own pieces.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you. too.

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