lot of fun

When I have some free time in downtown Chicago, I love to wander about working on my street photography.

However, when I have nothing to do out in the suburbs, I rarely spend my down time making photos.

Well, tonight I tried to change that.

The one challenge is the lack of people. Out in the land of the parking lot, the only place to see humans is on their walk from a store to their car.

However, it would be way too creepy to even think about photographing someone in a mall parking lot. In fact, I bet it would take less than five minutes before I got a visit from one of the fine security officers assigned to protect shoppers from menaces like me.

So, I concentrated on still life. But for someone reason, I even feel weird doing that.

After shooting some parked cars and abandoned shopping carts, I finally found something fun to do- overexposing an island of trees in a foggy Fox Valley Mall parking lot.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


2 Responses to “lot of fun”

  1. Welcome to the boring ‘burbs, Scott. I can’t imagine there’s much in Yorkville that’s exciting to photograph.

  2. So eerie, and after watching the movie 2012 last night, even more so…but again looks like a beautiful painting to me! GreatScott!!

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