window to the soul

I didn’t start work until 6pm on Thanksgiving so I decided to spend a good chunk of the afternoon visiting my recent photo subject Patricia Jefferson.

I had two reasons for the visit.

First, I wanted to make sure Patricia saw her photo on the front of the Chicago Tribune last week.

Second, I wanted to shoot some more. I didn’t feel that my story up to this point was a complete thought so today was probably my first of several follow-up visits.

As I arrived today, Patricia and her husband Bill were waiting outside for a taxi to come take them to an ATM.

After they left, I waited in my car for them to return and I made this image through the taxi window as Patricia waited for Bill to open her door.

I am not sure how I feel about the photo yet. I like the idea behind it but I am not sure my execution was up to par.

I made a handful of other pix that I like a lot and will share them soon.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


3 Responses to “window to the soul”

  1. I like it. A photo needs to grab my attention for a closer look and this does. Not sure how strong it is as a single over time but would work real well with the overall story or package! You nail it all the time Scott and inspire this old guy shooter for sure.

  2. Love the photo! Not familiar with the story so I’m not too sure about its relevance but the photo is very interesting 🙂

  3. I always see the art in your photos, I could see sitting down and doing a painting. I love layering and this is it!

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