blecch friday

Somehow throughout my 20 plus year newspaper career, I have avoided having to photograph the annual Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Last night that streak ended as I was assigned to shoot shoppers camping out outside a Best Buy and bargain hunters storming a Toys R Us that opened at midnight.

I wasn’t especially excited about the assignment but it ended up being pretty good especially the Toys R Us part.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


2 Responses to “blecch friday”

  1. You lucky dog!
    In my ten wonderful years as a newsphotographer I covered it every, single forsaken year. Well before they started calling it the ominous-sounding “Black Friday”. In fact, I think it was only about three years ago people started calling it that — as influenced by the recession. (coincidentally, the “R-word” three years ago.) I used it in caption four years ago (black friday) and the copy desk at The Fresno Bee called that day me for clarifying.

    And although it was always a spectacle, it was the smell I recall.

  2. Funny. “…called that day me for clarifying.” I guess I need them more than I think…..

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