life on mars

On my way home from the office this evening, like most evenings, I had a choice between two routes.

Both take the same amount of time but one consists of 50% more country roads.

With the forecast for blowing and drifting snow, I chose the interstate heavy route.


10 minutes from mi casa, I came upon an overturned truck in a ditch.

As I sat for an hour as the vehicle was pulled back onto the road, I entertained myself by taking photographs of the countryside illuminated by the mars lights from the emergency vehicles on the scene.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


One Response to “life on mars”

  1. Well something good came out the wreck. As mean as that may sound. I like the colors in this shot, a lot. The thick red of the clouds in the background remind me of Mars. You know, because I take weekly trips there.

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