stepping back in time

By strazz

December 10, 2009

Category: Sports

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I revisited some old ground tonight in more ways than one.

I ventured to Frankfort in Chicago’s far southwest suburbs for a Lincoln-Way East girls’ high school basketball game. Having lived in Frankfort for almost 15 years of my life, it was nice to step back in time.

While at East, I ran into two former co-workers and one of my son’s old baseball coaches.

Once I got inside the gym, I revisited some old photographic turf.

Back in 2005, I started a weekly photo column called “Heart and Soul” (Click HERE for a taste). The gist of the column was that each week during the school year, I would randomly pick a school and sport and then hang out until I found a moment. Once I made a photo I was happy with, I would get a quick quote or two and I would be done.

Tonight, I decided to try to find a “Heart and Soul” moment. It didn’t take long.

As the Lincoln-Way East team gathered next to the bleachers for pre-game introductions, I noticed something quite odd. Every player on the team came over to a player and either kissed or rubbed her right calf.

At first, I thought that maybe she had a boo-boo on that leg and her teammates were helping to heal it.

Once they finished the ritual, I asked the player- Julia Piech- what that was all about. Julia said that before each game she tapes a nickel to her leg and each of her fellow players either kisses or rubs the coin for good luck.

Damn, I miss “Heart and Soul”.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


One Response to “stepping back in time”

  1. Very nice frame, Scott. Lots of us miss “Heart and Soul,” too. That was classic story-telling.

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