Of all the overused cliches in photography, I would have to guess that the word “moment” is right up there near the top.

I am guilty of using it all the time and should probably stop using it as a crutch when discussing photography.

The interesting thing to me is that moments are usually not a true view of an event. A photographic moment to me is hyper-reality. It is that split second of heightened excitement at a protest rally. It is that one glimpse of gracefulness in a sloppily played football game. It is when everything comes together perfectly and then is gone in a blink of the eye.

Maybe it is what it should be, a peek at humanity at its peaks and valleys.

Anyways, enough rambling.

Here is what’s left of my 2009 favorites. Images from stories, weddings, a marathon that I ran and other random events.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/Chicago Tribune


3 Responses to “moments”

  1. […] the year wraps up everyone makes lists. I’ve been digging Señor Strazzante’s 2009 photo roundup, the Big Picture Blog, the Denver Post has great stuff, and I’m sure there […]

  2. yes, they’re all ‘in the moment’; very moody. fantastic.

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