free throw line extended

By strazz

December 18, 2009

Category: Sports


My newest favoritest place to shoot a basketball game from is on the sideline free throw line extended.

The look of the game is so different from sitting on the baseline.

Here is a sampling from last night’s battle of the suck that saw the Chicago Bulls win 98-89 over the New York Knickerbockers.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


8 Responses to “free throw line extended”

  1. I do that sometimes at high school basketball when there is room (which isn’t often or people walk right in front of me). But I’m surprised they don’t kick you out of that spot for a NBA game no?

    Nice frames though!

  2. love the floor level shots!
    I used to run a hero camera on the sidelines, also called it a coach cam or huddle cam, but never got look and feel of your shots (photo glass looks much cooler than the SD cam’s we used)
    thanks for sharing these! (and the bulls actually won, wow…)

  3. Bryan, the photo positions at the United Center extend from the baseline to the foul line. It is probably a hold over from the Jordan days when the floor was jammed with media. Now the LuvaBulls take up half the photo spots on one end of the court and there still is plenty of room.

  4. after seeing that last one especially i am totally shooting a hs game from that spot. thanks.

  5. Hombre, I dig that last frame. Great layers.

  6. What lens you use from that position? Usual 24-70L and 70-200L?

  7. Now I really want to try this at a college game. I don’t think the Gentile Center has room at that spot, otherwise I’d certainly try it tomorrow night!

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