not a regular loss

By strazz

December 22, 2009

Category: Sports

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Regular season basketball games in the NBA are usually all the same.

One team gets out to an early lead, the other team catches up, the game stays fairly close until the final two minutes when the game really begins.

There is usually pretty good action but not a ton of emotion.

With 82 regular season games, it isn’t a great idea for the players to ride a roller coaster of emotion for the entire season.

Last night’s Bulls/ Kings’ game was a normal game but on steroids.

The Bulls’ got out to a lead, but not just any lead, a 35-point lead with a little less than 9 minutes to go in the 3rd period.

Then the Kings came all the way back to tie the game in the final minutes before capping off a 58-19 run to win the game 102-98.

The Kings celebrated like crazy while the Bulls were just stunned.

I shot the entire game from my new favorite sideline spot. I was on the Bulls’ offensive end until Chicago’s final possession.

For that I moved down to the other end so that I could get a clearer shot of the game-deciding shot.

The move turned out to be a good idea when the Bulls failed to score and I was able to get the proverbial “thrill of victory, agony of defeat” image of Joakim Noah and Sacramento’s star of the game Tyreke Evans.

©2009 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


One Response to “not a regular loss”

  1. Scott, used to get a lot of those type of shots when the SuperSonics still in Seattle. Pictures such as what you captured make me miss shooting BKN. Nice shot……..and Happy Holidays to you.

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