a decade of sports

By strazz

December 28, 2009

Category: Sports


Instead of interacting with my  children today, I went through my extensive archive system (a box of dusty discs in the basement) and pulled out my favorite sports photos from the 2000s.

I am one of those goofs who believes that the new decade doesn’t start until 2011, but I will jump on the bandwagon and unveil my decade’s best now.

The last ten years weren’t the best for a Chicago sports shooter since it only resulted in one professional world championship (the White Sox in 2005) compared to the 1990s when Michael Jordan provided six championship seasons to shoot. But since the 1980s had one, the 1970s none and the 1960s two maybe this was a normal championship decade.

Overall, it was great fun for me. I got to shoot the aforementioned Sox World Series, a Super Bowl and three Olympics.

In addition, I spent a ton of time documenting sport at its purest- high school athletics.

Here’s hoping the next ten years is half as good.

©Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


7 Responses to “a decade of sports”

  1. The ski jumper is still my favorite!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. The skier is genius, but I love the comedy of the pole vaulter.

  4. Nice pics looking so clearly………..

  5. I really like the photo of Hester after the Super Bowl. It really captures that moment. Poor guy did everything he could.

  6. I agree, the new decade doesn’t begin until 2011 and I keep wondering who told everyone it started in 2010…hello that’s only 9 years and a decade is 10…duh! Thank you Scott!

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