dance the blues

By strazz

January 12, 2010

Category: Sports


For the past several years, the Chicago Tribune sports section has had minimal high school sports coverage.

The paper would cover the state finals and Friday night football and basketball games but little else.

Just recently, that has changed.

Over the past month, I have covered 6 prep basketball games including three Chicago Public League boys’ games.

I love covering the Chicago Public League.

The schools are usually old and the gyms all have their own unique flavor.

Today, I found myself at Hyde Park Academy.

As I was waiting through an incredibly long junior varsity game, my photo senses were awakened by the school’s dance team as it marched into the gym and sat down behind me.

I stopped playing Brick Breaker on my Blackberry for a couple seconds and snapped a few frames.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


2 Responses to “dance the blues”

  1. I love the attitude the girl brings to the photo! Great!

  2. It’s nice to see the not so typical dancers and cheerleaders these days. It promotes self value and a great pleasure to watch happy dancers.

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