night light

I have had a slow start photographically in 2010.

At the Trib, I have shot a handful of sporting events, worked on finishing up a soon to be published story and knocked out a couple lame portraits.

Tonight, during my drive home from work down Route 47 in Sugar Grove, I passed a barn that I have been meaning to photograph. Backlit by the glow of sodium vapor lights from nearby Aurora, I figured tonight was as good a night as any to make a couple of snaps.

Here is my favorite.

Hopefully this will get me out of my recent funk.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


8 Responses to “night light”

  1. So you couldn’t wait for the bird on the wire:) I like it very quiet, moody and mysterious..

  2. this is beautiful–i’m loving all the shades of orange!

  3. This is great Scott it brings warmth to the winter. I can relate to the visual funk.

  4. I love the composure, great frame!

  5. I drive by that barn all the time and never really paid attention to it. Now I will look at it in a whole new “light”

  6. Well this was well worth the shot and pulling over to take it. The orange is really intense. GREAT COLOR! The silhouettes are great. i really like the way you framed this one. The power lines were a good touch.

    Hope this did help with your photographic funk. If anything…take pictures of random crap to get yourself going. Well ya know…stuff other than work related.

  7. Be glad you got the shot while you did because it’s gonna be just another strip mall or subdivision out your way soon.

    Sorry, man. Just sayin’

    • Terry, you are exactly right and if it wasn’t for the economic downturn, it would all ready have been an aluminum-sided town home.

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