tax man- derek warlick

Before I started work today, I came across another Liberty Tax Service Statue of Liberty.

This one, Derek Warlick, was working the corner of 159th and Kedzie in Markham, Illinois.

I like this one because Derek was smoking a cigarette so he had the Lady Liberty head resting on the top of his head.

However, there is one thing that really bugs me about this image and I didn’t notice it until I was editing the take.

When I approached Derek he took off his right glove to shake my hand and then continued to hold it in his left hand while I was making his portrait. Ugh!

Does that bother anyone else?

©2010 Scott Strazzante


7 Responses to “tax man- derek warlick”

  1. I actually think the right glove in the left hand is a nice touch, but then I’ve never been one for symmetry!

  2. I like the hand – makes him more human. So much costume, it is nice to see a “chink in the armor” so to speak. I’m much more distracted/bugged by the light pole in the bkgrd – crop that sucker so the full shape isn’t there ;^)

  3. I’m cool with it. lends a little human-ness to the photo. I’m still amazed at how many of these folks there are (in Atlanta, seems to be one on every major corner). And I guess you have to need the money to stand in any kind of weather for 8-10 hours trying to drum up business.

  4. Nope. Balances out the light pole.

    BTW- I always make a point of giving a friendly honk and wave to anybody dressed as anything on the side of the road. They deserve it, especially the ones that dance and assume the role.

  5. I didn’t notice it at first and then I did and I assumed it was because he was smoking with that hand and never would have given it another thought until you said that.

  6. I like the bare hand … makes the image more interesting (to me).

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