Is February 8th groundhog day?

The job of a newspaper photographer has some built-in redundancy.

Ever city has its yearly happenings like here in Chicago where we cover things annually like the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Black Friday shopping, the first and last days of school, Cubs being eliminated from World Series contention, an Illinois Governor going to jail, etc..

Then there are other things we are asked to shoot more than annually.

Two of those were on my docket yesterday.

First was a Chicago Transit Authority story on service cutbacks. The Tribune must do 25 front page stories a year on the CTA. It is the same every time. Hang out at a bus stop. Sneak some photos from an el platform. Ride the Blue Line out to O’Hare and back.

People on public transportation don’t like to have their photo taken so my strategy is to photograph them stealthily and then approach them, explain my predicament and get their name.

It is not all bad because I do enjoy photographing bus shelter posters. They add a certain amount of oddness to the scene. And of course, I can’t pass up a good reflection photo.

Then there is the weather.

We should have a photographer stationed in Iowa who documents what the weather will be like in Chicago in 12 hours.

Since I live basically half way there, I get called into duty a couple times a year (last night was one of them) to sit in a west suburban parking lot and look skyward for the first snow flake.

Mother Nature cooperated last night as the storm arrived in Yorkville just as I was crossing the Kendall County line.

Another day, another dollar.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


7 Responses to “Is February 8th groundhog day?”

  1. Great post! As someone originally from Illinois, throughly enjoyed.

  2. At first I was offended by the Cubs comment. Then I laughed at the rest and thought, “It’s funny because it’s true.”

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Scott Strazzante, The Best Sale Prices. The Best Sale Prices said: Is February 8th groundhog day? « Blog Archive « shooting from the hip […]

  4. …and then there is the weather photo. man shoveling. man snow-blowing. silhouetted man in middle of street in middle of snow storm framed by out of focus street lights.

  5. Were you around Michigan and Lake at about 530-6 p.m. last night? Was in Starbucks and thought I saw you walk by…was waiting for a drink or I’d have come said hi.

    • If you’re wondering how in the world I would recognize a Trib photog, you were at the Northern Star at NIU once or twice during my there as a guest speaker/presenter. Might make that first comment less random and odd for you…

  6. Scott, not only do I enjoy your photographs, but also the stories that acompany them. You always make me smile!

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