the winter blues

Last night after shooting a high school basketball game, I was sent out to freshen up our snow photo gallery.

Being a cold, blizzardy night, I figured that there wouldn’t be many people out so I decided to check out some car dealerships along Ogden Avenue in Naperville.

My theory was there might be some fun shots to be made of rows of snow-covered cars.

I first stopped at a Ford dealer and made some images just like I had imagined. They were mildly interesting.

I transmitted the pictures and got back on the road.

I then spotted a Subaru dealer that had red and blue balloons attached to barriers surrounding their lot.

Here was a photo that I hadn’t imagined.

The balloons in stark contrast to the snow and darkness were blowing in the wind.

In the past, I would have passed this scene because there was no human element to incorporate.

For most of my career, I have made photos that have fit nicely inside what I thought newspaper photography was supposed to be.

Creative but not too artsy.

Recently, with the encouragement of my Chicago Tribune photo bosses, I have started to venture outside the newspaper box that I have safely resided inside most of my career.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


6 Responses to “the winter blues”

  1. Nice find! I seem to struggle in finding interesting and different (as I have not shot it before or anyone else for that matter) snow or weather photos. I tend to drive around a lot passing up many average photos looking for that different shot. The deadline gets close and I scramble. Also since I freelance I don’t want to spend hours upon hours looking. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  2. Glad to hear you’re venturing outside of the box – and with the support of an editor?!? 😛

    I really enjoy keeping up with your blog, Scott. Thanks for all the great photographs.

  3. Maybe one of the bright spots of pro photography’s all-time low barrier to entry is that the images the audience expects from our best photogs will start to challenge on a visual level that we find intriguing as well?

    Great photo, Scott. Take care. –Mel

  4. I am SOOOO stuck in that box. It’s hard to break out, especially if your editors want the norm. Anybody got a lighter?

  5. Interestingly enough, I’m about the exact opposite, Scott. I generally dislike shooting people for a number of reasons, but I often try to push myself to overcome that. Still, what I wind up shooting a lot of times — even when I’m trying to be more people-focused — isn’t necessarily people, but *artifacts* or evidence of people.

    This picture reminds me of the sort of thing I’m just naturally attracted to: evidence of a person’s touch within an environment, without necessarily being an image of a person.

    It’s tough for me to full off, but I find it infinitely more interesting and emotional when it actually works.

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