savior sister

I recently had the privilege to work on a story about the Bromet family of Oak Park, Illinois.

From the outside, the Bromets look like many other families but what has brought them to the pages of the Tribune is their 2-year-old Lauren.

Lauren, a sweet energetic 2-year-old, suffers from Diamond Blackfan anemia. The condition doesn’t allow for her to produce red blood cells without assistance.

In order to give Lauren the best future possible, Mike and Rebecca underwent a procedure called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

This procedure allowed doctors to implant Rebecca with a healthy embryo that was a tissue match for Lauren.

That embryo, now a fully formed baby girl named Madeline, met her new sister Friday afternoon.

If need be, Madeline’s cord blood or her bone marrow might eventually be used to help Lauren. The ifs and whens of that happening are still unknown.

The decision to go through with the procedure wasn’t taken lightly by the Bromets but when push came to shove, they decided that they had to do everything humanly possible to improve Lauren’s chances of living a long healthy life.

For the full story and more photos- go HERE.

As for my time with the Bromets, it couldn’t have gone better.

The entire family was incredibly comfortable in front of the camera and very open to allowing me access to their lives.

They were so accommodating that I made my favorite image of the story- father Mike kissing Lauren good night after crawling in bed with her for a bedtime story- less than an hour after meeting them for the first time.

To be able to make an intimate image like this that quickly still amazes me.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


3 Responses to “savior sister”

  1. Nice stuff. I share your amazement with getting access so quickly and seamlessly. It seems we spend so much of our time selling our stories to both editors and subjects that when somebody simply ‘gets it’, we are shocked.

  2. The second image is fabulous!

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