v-day in como

I am in Columbia, Missouri taking part in the judging of the annual Pictures of the Year International contest.

It is a huge honor to be given the privilege of determining the best photos of 2009.

The judging began today and will end in a little less than three weeks. I along with AFP’s Pedro Ugarte, New Orleans’ freelancer Kathy Anderson and Zuma Press’ Scott McKiernan will be judging the first week of the contest.

Today we went through the sports action and sports feature categories.

If you have some time, you can watch a judging webcast at www.poyi.org.

Of course, I couldn’t go a week without taken photos so here is one that I took on my way to the little boy’s room during dinner.

Thank you Cody Finley for not punching me when I started taking your photo.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


One Response to “v-day in como”

  1. My old hometown and my Alma Mater! I went to the J-School and couldn’t wait for the final pictures of that contest. The artistry is truly amazing! Have a great time in CoMO! Make sure you go to Booches to get one of their burgers… the best I’ve ever had.

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