a week in the dark

My week at POYi is over.

For six days, I joined Scott McKiernan, Kathy Anderson and Pedro Ugarte in looking at thousands of images entered by photographers from around the globe.

It was an amazing experience.

I realize that there are a lot of disappointed photographers out there who think that I and my co-judges made bad choices, were unfairly biased, didn’t understand their work, overlooked the great photos, etc. etc..

I understand that because I have felt that way in the past when my work has been voted out.

Contests are inherently flawed but I still believe the best of the best rises to the top.

I am very proud of the work that I helped recognize.

Rick Shaw and all of the crew who ran the contest do a phenomenal job.

POYi’s mission is to educate above all else and I hope that my comments during the week added a small bit to that effort.

I will be tuning in to next week’s judging and listening in with a new found perspective.

©2010 Scott Strazzante


3 Responses to “a week in the dark”

  1. Scott, you did a great job with the judging, and your comments were an amazing insight for everyone here. I have learned a ton during this week just from listening to you and the other judges. Thanks for doing this!

  2. It was such a great week! Thanks for coming down, and making it such a great week for everybod. You guys made it easy!

  3. hey scott, thanks so much for your time at the judging. i am pretty new to this photojournalism thing and last week’s poyi process was my first experience. i really enjoyed it and learned tons, particularly from yours and pedro’s comments. excellent, excellent.

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