in a funk

By strazz

March 3, 2010

Category: Daily work


I have been in a funk ever since I got back from judging the POYi contest.

I am not sure what has caused it.

It could be the “will Spring ever get here” blues.

It could be the fact that I was exposed to the most dynamic and content-rich images from 2009 and I have now returned to the routine of daily life.

It could be that I have shot two news assignments (the wake of Sea World trainer Dawn Brancheau and a triple murder in Darien) in the past three days where I clearly was not welcome .

Oh, well. At least the sun is shining today.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


3 Responses to “in a funk”

  1. What would be a good idea is to work with world relief, adopt a family, help them adjust to American life and tell a story that way. I’ve learned some amazIng things on how simmilar all famlies can be no matter where you come from

  2. Does the soon-to-be arrival of baseball season perk you up at all? About the only thing getting me through the last weeks of Winter is the thought of Wrigley Field and the Cubs…

    • The Cubs don’t do anything for me but I am excited about the White Sox first Spring game this afternoon. 😉

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