getting some ice time

By strazz

March 4, 2010

Category: Sports


When I arrived at the United Center, Rudy, the Blackhawks’ team photographer , let me know that I along with the AP and Sun-Times’ photographers, would be allowed out onto the ice for the pre-game ceremony honoring the team’s Olympians.

When I heard that I had one singular thought- “Awesome!”

I know that I should be a cynical veteran by now but I still get excited shooting pro sports.

I get doubly excited when I get access to things that few others have.

Being on the ice for the ceremony and the Canadian and US National Anthems was one of those special occasions.

It doesn’t hurt that the Blackhawks, due to the emergence of young stars like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, are the toast of the town.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


3 Responses to “getting some ice time”

  1. I love it Scott. The low angle and ice reflections make it for me.

  2. very cool . i don’t think i’ve ever seen patrick kane actually smile!

  3. Love this!

    I’ve started following your site a few months ago and I really enjoy the photographer’s point of view on their material.

    Thank you.

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