march madness

The weekend after next I will be down in Peoria shooting the Illinois Class 3A and 4A boys basketball state finals.

If the downstate games are half as good as tonight’s Mt. Carmel/ Bogan sectional semifinal, I will be satisfied.

This evening’s game pitted the Catholic League (Mt. Carmel) against the Public League (Bogan).

Bogan got out to an early lead but by the middle of the 4th quarter Mt. Carmel had come back to lead by 7. At that point, Bogan put on their rally caps and took back the lead.

With 3.9 seconds left and Bogan clinging to a one point lead, Mt. Carmel’s Tracy Abrams turned the ball over sealing the Bogan win. Well, not quite.

Bogan threw the subsequent inbounds pass right to Abrams who made a quick layup giving Mt. Carmel an improbable 56-55 win.

If a game is close, I try to sit on the opposite end of the court from the team I think is going to win. I do that because most teams celebrate back up court after a winning shot and I want to have the jubilation coming towards me.

Well, that scenario played out tonight after Abrams’ game winner.

In fact, Mt. Carmel basically celebrated right into my lap.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


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