52 selects

Being a staff photographer at a major metropolitan daily has some incredible perks.

Among the perks are fabulous assignments, working on a daily basis with extremely talented editors, writers and photographers, traveling to interesting places and using the latest and greatest cameras.

But, of course, with the good come some trade-offs.

The major one for newspaper shooters is the fact that we don’t own the copyright to the images we produce. I have come to grips with that fact and have no problem with it.

However, over the years I have managed to produce some work that I do own the copyright to.

The two major groups of that personal work is my stuff from CITY2000 and Common Ground, my farm subdivision project.

Besides my collaboration with MediaStorm, I haven’t done much with these images.

I am trying to change that.

I am taking steps for an eventual Common Ground book project and now I am contributing to a project called “52 Selects”.

52 Selects is the brainchild of Portland, Oregon photographer Ken Hawkins and is a photo gallery that exists both online and in brick and mortar fashion.

I along with 11 other photographers, including Bill Frakes, Alan Berner and David LaBelle,  have work for sale at the gallery.

My contribution at this point is 19 different Common Ground diptychs.

Please stop by 52 selects, have a peek and buy something for your wall.

©2007 Scott Strazzante


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