the golden hour

One of the best things about working an evening shift is my time spent in the city as the sun sets.

This “golden hour” is my favorite time to wander as Chicago’s skyline magically dissects and reflects the light.

On my way to dinner this evening, I noticed a bright illumination underneath the Wabash Street bridge on the wall of the Chicago River Walk.

This sliver was the only sunlight that was evident in my scope of vision.

I waited for a jogger to run through the light and I made a handful of images.

They were ok frames but I felt that it could be more.

I walked a little farther west from my vantage point near the Wrigley Building and I noticed a nice reflection near some columns at the base of the Trump Tower.

I once again waited for a human presence. This time it was two runners.

Ahhh…yes. Much better.

©2010 Scott Strazzante/ Chicago Tribune


7 Responses to “the golden hour”

  1. This shot is awesome. It is amazing how insignificant people look next to high rises. Thanks for sharing this. Your description of how you achieved this frame is helpful in inspiring me to move more around the light, place, and try different angles and viewpoints. Thanks for the unintentional inspiration. This blog is extremely inspiring to me, someone who is just entering college to study photojournalism. Thanks.

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  3. I love the lighting affect here! Beautiful “Golden Hour”!

  4. That’s wonderful. It’s amazing how important such a small, but recognizable element can be in the picture.

  5. […] I’m right behind Scott Strazzante on loving the “golden hour.” […]

  6. Beautiful shot, great light, well positioned for the dark shadows to speak and the silhouettes are perfect. Damon

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