head games

By strazz

April 25, 2010

Category: home life


My stepdaughter Caroline, her neighbor friend Josie and I went to a daddy daughter dance last night.

Caroline and Josie spent the majority of the time dancing together so instead of making forced conversation with some random dad, I spent the majority of my time photographing them.

Several times during the dance, the DJ turned on an ultra-fast strobe light.

I must have shot 100 frames while the strobe was pulsating.

I experimented with different shutter speed and aperture combinations.

Of all my attempts only one frame worked. But like we say in the newspaper business, you only need one.

I am not sure who the girl is but hopefully her parents won’t be too upset that I turned her into a six-headed dancing machine.

For those of you that are interested in the technical side of photography, the settings were 1/3rd of a second at f/8 at 800 iso.

©2010 Scott Strazzante

4 Responses to “head games”

  1. Wow, awesome photo, Scott! Thanks for the tech specs, I’ll check those out sometime for sure!

  2. Love the photo! Thanks for the technical specs of it as well.

  3. good photo,, in the old days, Bulb, and count,, thanks to moderm cameras we can control that,, I am also, doing night photogaphy, mostly in B&W,,(http://www.flickr.com/photos/79896189@N06/), but in colour with flash and rain..

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