Well folks, I’ve decided to add one more blog to the world.

In the past, I have blogged as part of my job as staff photographer at the Chicago Tribune. I have blogged from the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece and from the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. I have sent dispatches from Super Bowl XLI in Miami and have kept a photo journal as a compliment to “The Season” photo column.

Now, I just feel that I need an outlet for work that at this point doesn’t have a home- my personal photos, outtakes, past unseen work and daily successes, near misses and total disasters.

I’m not sure how regularly I will post but I hope you get something out of it.

By the way, the Chicago Tribune is the copyright holder to the majority of the images appearing on this blog and can not be used without both mine and the Chicago Tribune’s permission.



11 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Scott,
    i happened to see your “common ground” project and i loved it, its such an interesting work and the images are so so strong, i’m Michele Dotto and i write for a magazine called “Zoe Magazine” and i would like to have a chance to interview you about this project, the theme of the next issue is “parallel worlds” and i think your “common ground” project is perfect. I was thinkin about writin an article on “common ground” then i thought that i’d give it a try and ask you for an interview, i guess you’re pretty busy with your work and life and stuff so if you can’t i totally understand, if you can’t do the interview is it possible to have some of those common ground images to put it on the magazine?

    if you want to take a look at the magazine
    is it based in palermo (sicily/italy) but its distributed all over italy and in some european countries as well.

    all the best
    Michele Dotto for Zoemagazine

  2. Count me in as your follower!
    Hope you will find the time to show more of your work here!

  3. Scott, we should add each other to our blog scrolls since we have the same motivation for blogging, and I think people who check in on my blog would like yours too, and vice-versa.

  4. Scott,

    I love your blog and nice to get a sense for behind the scenes. Well done!!


  5. Thanks for the inspiration!

    We just started our photo blog and I owe the inspiration to you and the work you share here. Thanks!

    (BTW) Will you be at SWPJC in 2010? I hope to see you there.

  6. you are amazing!

  7. i am currently studying photography, you are a massive inspiration.

    • Thanks Natalie! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to share a photo.
      All the best! Scott

  8. Hello Scott, I wanted to Thank You for your great photo “Chicago Bears LAST TAILGATE” in the Tribune. My sons Alex and Nick are now a little famous at School.

    I remember you saying you were from the Trib and asking if you could take photos and telling the boys to act natural..

    It is impressive to see why you chose that spot for the photo – Soldier Field is right behind, the fire is cooking, you might wonder why a Bears fan is sitting next to a Packers fan?

    It was also very nice that you got the boys names correct in the by-line. You are a true professional. Thanks again, Matt Meyer

  9. Hi Scott Strazzante,

    I am writing to inform you that Shooting From the Hip has been featured on Guide to Art School’s list of the Top 40 photjournalism blogs found here: http://www.guidetoartschools.com/tips-and-tools/photojournalism-blogs. We hand-picked a list of our favorite poetry blogs and outlined the unique reasons why we love them. I enjoy being able to read your posts and understand the experiences you have when shooting your photos.

    I would really appreciate your feedback on our list of photojournalism blogs, and we have created a badge that you are welcome to use anywhere on your site to let your readers know you have been recognized. You can find the badge at this URL: http://www.guidetoartschools.com/images/photojournalism-badge.gif.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    Pierce Martin Content Manager – SR Education Group pierce@sreducationgroup.org (425) 605-8898 123 Lake Street South
    Suite B-1
    Kirkland, WA 98033

  10. Hello! We finished the first feature length film ever to be shot and edited back in October. We just finished our website and hope to get the buzz going.


    I can’t find a way to email you!

    Elizabeth Spear

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